“If You are Falling… Dive.”IMG_2921 - I came across Joseph Campbell’s words at precisely the right moment. A while back, I felt I was falling down an unknown rabbit hole into a world I had yet to discover. I felt like some of the major aspects of my life were in a state of total and utter ‘tabula rasa’ (clean slate.) Staring into the big unknown before us is exhilarating, and it is also scary. Very freaking scary for a control-freak like me. I DO NOT like the feeling of free falling into an abyss with nowhere to grip to and nothing under my feet to secure me. Yet, change is part of the game and ... Read More

The Philosophy

Everything in the universe is always in a constant state of flow and flux. In fact, nothing ever stands still. This inevitable truth can weigh heavy on our human minds; it can be overwhelming and at times even gut wrenching to surrender to the ever fluid flow of change that appears in life. The Butterfly, a timeless symbol of transformation, understands and accepts change as yet another component to life – as constant as gravity. We will always be faced with change – internal, external, energetic, physical, mental… If you are dealing with change, this blog is a safe haven for you. Within the pages of this virtual sanctuary you will find the solace and fuel you need to move forward in your journey and face the unknown with grace, confidence, and gratitude. Keep reading…

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